Lilliput Adventure Centre

Format on the Day


Timetable for Saturday, 01st February

10:30 Registration
11:40 Welcome Chat
11:50 Warm Up
11:50 Gold Star Group
12:00 40 Min Group
12:05 35 Min Group
12:10 30 Min Group
12:15 25 Min Group

We would like everybody to finish the last 200 mtrs as close together as possible. Therefore you are aiming to be getting close to the finish by 12:40.

    • 40 min group, this group will run at 40 min pace no faster
    • 35 min group, this group will run at 35 min pace no faster
    • 30 min group, this group will run at 30 min pace no faster
    • 25 min group, this group will run at 25 min pace no faster

If you are running late don’t stress. We can move all forward to accommodate people, it’s not the end of the world.



Due to the weather conditions over the past few days there will be no parking on any grass areas, unless otherwise instructed by parking marshals. We ask that you would cooperate with our parking marshals while they assist on the day. If marshals are busy can you park close to other cars so to not waste space.

Please note, wherever you are parked you will only be a couple of minutes from registration.


On The Day Entry Fee

Adult: 15€

Child: 5€

Prices includes t-shirt & medal.