Lilliput Adventure Centre

School Tours 2021

School Tours to Lilliput are renowned for their safety, fun and enjoyment. While fun & enjoyment are paramount we will also introduce your children to a number of outdoor activities, give them an insight into environmental awareness, advise them about litter & leave no trace, encourage them to participate, help them understand the importance of safety, get them to work with a group & teach them how to enjoy our natural amenities in a fun filled safe environment.

Top of Croghan Hill … Satisfaction

Our multi-activity day includes Laser Tag, Hunt, Brain Bashers, Paddling, Camp Craft, Canoeing, Capture the Flag, Team Building Games, Team Challenge & Kayaking.

All activities are on site and changing rooms and showers are only a minute away.

Remember each child must bring a change of clothes, old runners that will get wet, swimwear, towel and toiletries, sun block and medications (if necessary).

Typical day runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a short break for lunch.

“Teacher, teacher can we come here next year please?” Young Lilliput Adventurer

We offer complimentary tea, coffee and sandwiches to all teacher / leaders and we guarantee an action packed fun filled day for all children.

Cost €30 per student. (We will endeavour to make sure that all the children in your group will take part in your fun day irrespective of their economic background.)


 “That was the best day of my life … so far!”

Chloe, Age 10

 You should do the Carlsberg advert on your t-shirts…”Probably the best adventure centre in the world”

Miss Linden, 4th Class

 “Can I come back here and bring my friends for my birthday party please?”

Alva, Age 10