Lilliput Adventure Centre


Make the most of your fund raising day, sports day or show by hiring the Lilliput climbing wall.

Standing at almost 30 feet, our climbing wall will be the main attraction at your event.

4 people can climb at any one time and it is suitable for all age groups.

You can cater for approximately 40 to 50 people per hour at around €3 to €5 per person.

We will supply the wall & 2 qualified instructors for the day for €450.  You supply someone to collect the money and take all the profits.  Other arrangements can be made.

This feature will not only make money but it will also be a huge attraction on the day and will have spin off’s on all your other activities/stalls etc.

We were booked out completely for the summer last year so early booking is essential.


Phone: +353 (0) 87 810 6951 / +353 (0) 85 806 0681