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Battle Rifle Pro

The Battle Rifle Pro is the latest innovation in tactical laser tag. It’s sleek futuristic military inspired design makes it one of the best looking units available. It’s size and weight makes it suitable to all ages making it a perfect activity for all. It’s robust set of features like built in vibrations, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi, and night mode. This combination of features does not exist in any other unit available in the laser tag market.

Laser Tag at Lilliput

Battle Rifle Pro Design Features

Shooting Range:

All of our Battle Rifle Pro Guns can fire up to 400 ft in daylight and up to a massive 700 ft at night. This gives the perfect survival experience in our 50 acre forests.

Weapon Pre-sets:

Our Battle Rifle Pro’s come with various weapon pre-set sounds. Each different sound has a different range, damage amount, clip size and fire rate. Sounds includes; Battle Rifle, Burst Rifle, SMG, Heavy Machine Gun, Shot Gun, Sniper, Battle Cannon, and the Assault Laser.


Game Pre-Sets:

You can choose from: Free for All, Team Battle and VIP, Extreme Outdoor Action, Capture the Flag, Infection, Domination with much more to come.

Vibration Feedback:

When you get shot or when you shoot ….. You Feel It!!! The unique built in vibration makes the came come to life and is not found in any other laser gun.

Night Mode:

Our night mode makes playing at night or in dark locations a blast. Your gun and headset have the ability to glow your team colour. This works the opposite of standard guns that light up when you are hit. Night mode allows you to glow and shuts off when you are hit or eliminated from the game.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi:

With built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Battle Rifle Pro will have the ability to communicate with your smart phone devices as well as lap top computers. This will allow us to take the game of laser tag much further then ever before. Imagine controlling the whole party in the palm of your hand. GPS, leader boards, and a live community are all on the way.

LED Screen


RGB LED’S (Red, Green, Blue) that are in the gun and head sensors allow our equipment to light up more colours than just red like most laser tag units available. This makes identifying your team much easier and allows the possibility for many colour options.

Kids Mode:

Kids mode allows you to bring family friendly shooting and death sounds when needed on the fly. This works great in situations with parents or teachers who don’t want the realistic sound effects.

Auto Re-Spawn:

This allows players to set an automatic time to re-spawn back into the game. When a player is eliminated a timer ticks down on the LCD that will tell the player when they can join back into the fun.

Regenerating Health:

This feature allows you to mimic the ever popular health structures found in modern video games. When a player is shot and hides for a set amount of time without being shot again their health regenerates based on the set amount of time.

Medic and Ammo Modes:

Have you ever wanted to give a player the ability to heal another player or give that player more ammo. By using these settings, you can promote team work and create some fun game scenarios.